Education and Learning

Education & Learning


The company offers a wide range of education and learning opportunities from day long workshops, to teaching technique classes. There are many different options available to tailor your needs and enhance professional development.


The company offers workshops which are tailor made to meet your educational needs through technique classes, company repertoire, choreographic workshops, or lecture demonstrations. We will strive to create a suitable program to best suit your educational requirements. If you are looking for an artist to create a new work, the company can run a series of choreographic workshops with rehearsal periods. This is a great way to bring variety into your showcases and gives your group the experience of working with industry professionals.


Ben’s professional classes begin looking at the body somatically with the aim of releasing anxieties, progressing into fast passed movement phrases with emphasis on aesthetic forms, physicality and dynamic range. For students in their earlier stages of their dance career, Ben believes that looking at the fundamentals of movement teaches the skills required to condition the body in preparation for more advanced dance practices.

Work Placements

If you want to know more about what happens behind the scenes, we offer work experience, work placement or professional development opportunities. Your time with us could consist of observing the rehearsal process, participating in company class, or learning the administrative side of running a company.

For more information on what we offer, please get in touch on 07920098528. Or alternativly send an enquiry to

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