Emerge Festival 2016


Emerge Festival shines a spotlight on emerging dance and physical theatre work, all created by choreographers and theatremakers from a rich mix of experience. The first week will be showcasing new works from FDT – Friction Dance Theatre, Konstantina Skalionta Dance, MCDC – Michaela Cisarikova Dance Company, Infinate Project choreographers Sabrina Gargano and Verena Schneider, and Misa Koide.

‘A Love Story’ by MCDC – Michaela Cisarikova Dance Company takes you on a journey we can all relate to. In a digital age, this piece explores the attachment love can bring.
Are we more devoted to gadgets than our loved ones, seeking positive reinforcement and emotional attachment from our phones in place of other human beings. 

‘Land(e)scape’ by Konstantina Skalionta is a poetic duet performance that takes you to a journey through accumulated memories and emotions, unlocked through the act of walking. It narrates the story of a constant traveller who is in search of his own happiness. The work explores the strong human instinct for survival as well as what makes people keep going.

‘Grinding Gears’ by FDT – Friction Dance Theatre is group piece looking into the bleak routine of humanity. We’re clockwork, ticking on day-to-day. Are we just cogs in place, powering the machine?

‘Infinite You’ by Infinite Project explores the concept of multiple souls that make up one personality and the struggle in facing these; a duet drawing from imagery, physical theatre, dance and martial elements.

‘Centre Point’ by Misa Koide is about the human’s feeling which is always moving to a different place and trying to go back to the usual point even it is uneasy. This piece discovers the emotion and the reason.

Now celebrating its 5th year, the Emerge Festival has supported over 50 of the brightest new choreographers in the UK. Many works that premiere at the Festival have gone on to tour the UK and beyond, so this is the place to be catch exciting new work in its first outing.

8 November – 12 November: 8pm
Tickets: £12/£10

The Space
269 Westferry Road
E14 3RS
0207 515 7799

A contemporary dance theatre company combining theatrical skill and physicality to tackle a range of interesting topics, directed by choreographer Ben Logan